Klahhane Chocolates

Let us introduce you to our pride and joy: Klahhane Chocolate. The Chocolate with a Northwest Attitude.

These artful bars are solid, organic dark chocolate, flavored with the finest local and/or organic ingredients available.

Klahhane Chocolate is handmade on the Olympic Peninsula by local chocolatier, Yvonne Yokota. Each of the eight bars features a wrapper with a unique photo by renowned nature photographer and local treasure, Pat O’Hara.

Klahhane Chocolate grew from a kernal-or should we say a “pod”-of an idea springing forth at Renaissance. Here’s a bit about each of these eight one-of-a-kind chocolate bars and how chocolate forces around the world and the love for fine, local fare inspired the creation of Klahhane Chocolate, the Chocolate with a Northwest Attitude.

The Bars

Each bar is made with organic, anti-oxidant-rich dark chocolate. The cocoa content is 65%, placing Klahhane in the super-healthful range of dark chocolates while preserving the silky smooth chocolate experience loved by people around the world. Many milk chocolate fans love Klahhane for this reason.

Did we mention that every time we sell 1000 bars we put our version of the Golden Ticket in the 1001st bar? The Golden Ticket is a certificate for a free massage at Renaissance!

Additional ingredients distinguish each bar:

Lush Coconut Lemongrass

The most exotic of Klahhane chocolates, this bar features crunchy coconut enrobed in smooth dark chocolate kissed by the essence of lemongrass.


Earthy Lavender Spice

If you’ve ever walked through a field of lavender you know the heady aroma of earthy, not sweet, lavender. You’ll find that experience here in this bar complimented with a piquant finish of warm black pepper.


Robust Espresso Lemon

The combination of rich chocolate and the darkest of coffees have been pleasing palettes the world round ever since chocolate found its way to Italy and its tiny cups of crema-topped espresso with lemon twists. Prego!


Savory Hazelnut

Sink into this luscious combination of Pacific Northwesterners’ favorite nut and pure organic chocolate.


Zesty Orange Mint

When chocolate plays with zesty orange and lively mint its clear, refreshing personality shines!


Smooth Caramel and Sea Salt

Our most popular chocolate bar, this addictive bar of hand-held heaven nails the alchemy of sweet and salty.


Grand Old Raisins and Peanuts (GORP)

In 2013 America embarked upon the biggest dam removal in history and it happened right here in Port Angeles. We developed this trail-ready bar to celebrate the liberation of the mighty Elwha River. What would we want to eat with our chocolate on the banks of this now wild and free River? Why, GORP of course. So we tossed it right into the bar and wrapped it up with a wrapper that features our beloved Elwha.


Toasty Cocoa Nib

For the chocolate lover who just can’t get enough chocolate in their chocolate, chocolatier, Yvonne Yokota spoils us by loading this bar with the pure unadulterated crunchy cocoa nib, toasted to chocolately perfection.