What to Expect

What to Expect During Your Massage

If this is one of your first massages you may have questions about what goes on during a massage. To address those questions, we offer the following about massage at Renaissance…

img_6856When you arrive at Renaissance, a receptionist or massage therapist will welcome you and ask you to complete a health history form. These forms are designed to gather information about your health as it pertains to the massage itself. We want to make the massage as effective, safe, and enjoyable as possible. The information you provide will help us with that.

The information on your health history form is completely confidential.. Your massage therapist will then take you to your massage room and review the information with you. She will likely ask you additional questions about your expectations and hopes for the massage and anything in particular on which you would like the massage to focus.

If you are getting a chair massage, the massage therapist will show you how to sit in the massage chair, make any adjustments to the chair that might be necessary, then begin the incredibly relaxing massage!


If you are here for a full-body massage, once the massage therapist has reviewed your health history form and your hopes for the massage, the massage can begin!

Your comfort and level of modesty are of the utmost importance to us so, the massage therapist will ask you to remove your clothing to your degree of comfort and instruct you on how to lie down on the massage table (face up or face down) and cover up with the sheets on the table. The massage therapist will leave the room while you do so. Washington State has well-defined laws pertaining draping (or covering) during a massage and we concur with the importance of your complete comfort, safety, and warmth. You will always be draped during your massage with only the portion of your body being massaged uncovered.

Expect a quiet and peaceful environment for the massage. The massage therapist may play music during the massage but if you prefer not to listen to music during your massage please don’t hesitate to ask the massage therapist to turn the music off.

This massage is all about YOU!

While providing the massage, your massage therapist will use a Renaissance blend of organic sunflower oil and pure organic essential oils that reduces friction on the skin during the massage.

Our massage oils also hydrate and nourish the skin.

Depending on your needs and requests for the massage, the massage therapist will focus the massage on either the whole body or specific areas. The massage is likely to begin with long, flowing massage movements (known as “effluerage”) and move to progressively firmer or deeper movements. Throughout the massage your massage therapist will check in with you about the pressure level of the movements and adjust to your feedback.

Good massage therapists live to provide you with a massage that fits your needs so feel free to provide candid feedback to your practitioner.

Incidentally, an effective relaxing massage will engage the autonomic nervous system-the rest and digest part of our nervous system. As a result, your stomach may growl and/or you may even fall asleep. Please don’t be concerned about either; your massage therapist will view these as a professional compliment and indication that a certain degree of massage effectiveness has been achieved! Once your massage is finished (sad but true, they have to end), the massage therapist will leave the room so you can get dressed in privacy. Once dressed, you will float out the door of the massage room, make your way to the reception area at Renaissance, and prepare to return to the outside world.

To extend the healthful benefits of your massage, consider staying a while to enjoy a delicious cup of organic tea, a nourishing meal, or a slowly-enjoyed glass of wine on the deck overlooking the harbor.

The longer you can prolong your state of relaxation the more effective and enduring will be its effects.